Touchdown in Africa!

Touchdown in Africa!

Hi there

Summer for me in Ibiza has come to an end in the most remarkable of ways - with my own retreat which was outstanding and absolutely the next level for us all - followed almost immediately by a retreat for myself, which was simply put, profound!

I believe that deep in our souls we are all seeking the profound; a profound experience of being alive.  And we can have it 🙂

Each time I run a course or coach someone I’m in awe at how quickly we can model and integrate key components of excellence, or the profound, and bring them to do greater work, have greater impact and to deepen the transformation we seek in our lives and the lives of others.

This is certainly what I've been doing over the years - modelling the difference that makes a difference - and the exponential effects of being on this path are truly astonishing.

As the saying goes, there really are no limits but those that we put upon ourselves.  I’ve shared a few books below from my library which are in line with these concepts; they share roadmaps of how we can all move beyond the ordinary and into the world of the extraordinary.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I am...

For now, I've just touched down in Cape Town for another course out here. We’re breaking new ground by bringing together business people and community leaders from townships throughout South Africa for a 5 day deep-dive into the structure of profound and lasting change - which can then ripple out into businesses and communities here in South Africa.  

Who knows what will emerge over the comings days, but what I do know is that when we understand and embrace the deeper layers of reality and our place in the unfolding cosmos - when we get that paradigm shift - irreversible changes are set in motion.  How and why we show up changes.  

And that’s what I’m going to be doing for myself and going to share with others out here over the next week or so - how we can all exponentially accelerate our impact, influence, work or art by daring to lead, ourselves first and foremost! 

A look back at some of my favourite moments from our retreat in Ibiza...

And I’ve just confirmed a couple of NLP Retreats in Ibiza early next year.  The first one is March 2-9th and the second June 1-9th 2019.  Let me know if you’re keen to know more about either..

In a couple of weeks I’m off to Berlin, then the UK, Rome, Goa and Sri Lanka.  And then back to Europe in March next year.  I'm feeling most blessed and in flow at the moment although super sensitive to incongruences when they show up.  Whereas I used to perceive these as problems or things to avoid, I'm now embracing them as profound learning opportunities and gateways to my next level of growth.

If you'd like a piece of that by joining me somewhere on my travels or by having a powerful coaching conversation then do reach out.

And finally, we still have a few places left on my Retreat in Goa this January.  So if you have a sense of wanting more freedom in your life, then I invite you to dive into a profound and transformational experience with me this winter.

3rd - 11th January 2019

(Payment by instalments available on request)

On completion, you'll gain ANLP recognised Practitioner, Master Practitioner or NLP Trainer Certification.

And you'll do all of this in the company of other successful people who have a passion for making a difference in the world today.  We do hope you can join us!

Love, Tristan

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Where did the resistance to writing come from?

Where did the resistance to writing come from?

While considering this question, I caught myself sharing with someone (my Attraction Manager as it happens!) how I didn’t want to market my courses . . . like other people through writing; how I didn’t want to promote myself through my writing; or write just for the sake of it, without some sort of deep sense of purpose.  And I didn’t want it to be about myself. This of course begs the question, what did I want? It took me a while to process the answer to this and the subsequent questions which enabled me to make a significant shift and begin actually enjoying the process of writing again, with a sense of purpose and ease.  But the core shift was a structural shift moving away from what I didn’t want to moving towards what I did want.  Simple, yet profound. What I discovered as I explored these questions, was that I wanted to share. I wanted to touch people and share a message from my heart; to move people and inspire them to live a life of freedom, love and boundless possibility.
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Designed to soar but programmed to plateau

Designed to soar but programmed to plateau

Most of us have achieved a level of success.  Being human, we all want more.  And yet there are clearly barriers to us achieving the things we want in . . . our lives. These are often the unconscious beliefs which inform our behaviour. We get stuck or struggle to make changes because we have old patterns ‘running the show’. As one participant of mine said on a retreat last year, it’s like my thinking is going from Windows 95 to a NASA computer.  This kind of change is available to us all. Indeed many of us need this kind of transformation in our thinking if we want to create the kind of change we dream of in our lives; to make our lives all they can be.  We need to update the operating software or programmes running the show. How do we do that?  It’s simple conceptually, but sometimes not so easy in reality when we have so many outdated programmes conflicting with one another and with such well-worn brain circuitry holding us back.  Our system needs a re-boot! There are a plethora of change strategies that can work for us in this respect.  But we will need to unravel the deepest level patterns in order to really soar.  In a conversation I had just last night with a friend, we discovered that we both had a belief lurking beneath the surface of our experience - which was that we were somehow lacking something.  Ultimately this translated as "I am lacking".  That belief is a big barrier to success! Sticking with the same strategies and unconscious beliefs which have worked for us or defined our experience in the past, will rarely take us towards greatness. And if we do stick with them, we struggle or plateau; we settle for less than we could be.  Getting to the core pattern or belief allows us to operate from a different pattern, level of consciousness and energy. What are some of the ways you re-boot your system, or update your mental operating software? How and when are you committed to doing that next?
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Are you changing exponentially?

Are you changing exponentially?

Post retreat is always an interesting time for me.  I guess for everyone actually.  My work is increasingly about getting to the core.  The core . . . pattern, belief, structure, limitation or intention.  It's about change.  Paradoxically, one consistent in my life and work, is change.  Trying to capture or articulate that paradox can be challenging.  And yet there is great value doing so for myself and others. Right now, I'm aware of various challenges, especially those faced by my loved ones and colleagues.  They are very real.  And yet what is also real is our capacity (and need) to transform how we think about the challenges we face. Consciousness is an Evolving Science Consciousness is an evolving science, if it can in fact be called a science.  The way into understanding and transforming consciousness for me, is through language.  What we see and hear in our mind is what we think about.  What we think about is what we feel.  What we feel influences our behaviour and that in turn leads to patterns and ultimately, our destiny.  Our language plays A BIG part in how our thinking, consciousness and experience of life is structured and can therefore be changed. The week we spent together here in Ibiza was in many ways beyond words.  The love and joy, the laughter and food, the learning and revelation for us all, as we dove deeper into how we structure our thought and thus emotions through language was, for want of a better word, profound! A Profound State of Being I believe that what we all seek is a profound state of being alive.  One infused with love and possibility; with gratitude and excitement.  A fully lived and loved moment by moment experience of living in this eternal present moment, which at an embodied level allows us to know in our heart that there is a better, indeed a much better future for us to step into.  In each moment. I'm starting a new chapter in my life which is all of these things and more.  I've just started a new coaching programme where I'm sharing my journey with like-minded souls around the world and stepping into a new vision - of the impact and presence I want to have in the world.  I'm about to launch a new website.  I've just uploaded a Podcast to it and this blog is another addition to this new energy and inspiring chapter in my life and business. Core Truth Transforms So what has NLP or this blog got to do with anything, or you, if you're reading this?  Honestly, I don't know.  But I know that when we get to the core of our present state - the limitation, thought, pattern, belief or subjective truth that holds us back from being all we can be; when we honour where we are (and share that with others authentically) we release a great deal of energy which can now be directed into what's important to us and for us. At the core, we are all energy.  Everything is energy. What has to be true for us to release the blockers and limitations and step into a new vibration?  A new future?  A new paradigm as a species? In short, a truth that transforms.  And the profound truth - is that truth transforms. I believe that's where we are headed.  The rate of change, knowledge and opportunity for each of us individually, and collectively is accelerating exponentially because truth transforms. Are you changing exponentially?  Are you engaging in your deepest truth?  If not, why not? And if you're not and you want to, feel free to get in touch so you can learn more about how to create exponential change, for yourself and others. Love, Tristan
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 14th May
 Tristan Soames

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