What is NLP?

NLP is a way to a profound life. I sometimes liken our mind to a super-computer. However, we didn’t come with a user manual. Many of us have been ‘programmed’ ineffectively by our families, schools or cultures. You could say that we have ‘out of date software’. The amazing thing is that we can unravel these old habits or ‘programmes’ that no longer serve us; we can update our software so it operates in a way we want.

Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders of NLP once put forward this definition.  It is “an attitude and a methodology leading to a trail of techniques. The issue is not the techniques, but about developing the attitude and the skills for modelling. Only then do you suddenly find yourself developing your own techniques”.

In my own experience, I’ve seen many NLP Trainers put the cart before the horse. They teach NLP techniques.  But NLP is not just a set of tools or techniques. Bandler said that “the attitude is about curiosity and wanton experimentation. The methodology is about modelling; extracting the thoughts and behaviours that create success. Having the first two leads to a trail of techniques that ultimately help you to succeed in whatever endeavour you are looking at”.

 NLP has been described as

Connecting with our inner knowledge and changing our subconscious, so that we can get the results we want for ourselves and others

The development of self-awareness to find inner peace and to learn effective inter-personal communication

A set of tools and techniques for manifesting that which we desire and letting go of that which we don’t

A way to look differently at things and so improve myself and my life

The study of how humans work

A mode of healing

Describing NLP

NLP is a very personal journey. It is different for everyone. For me, NLP is a framework for modelling excellence and learning how to learn, quickly.

I think you have to experience NLP to really understand it.  I could explain the process and theory of swimming, however until you get in the water, you’ll never really ‘get it’!

That said, for me NLP….

  • gives us a framework to unravel those patterns that no longer support us in being all that we can be
  • provides a pathway for personal, professional and even spiritual development unlike anything else
  • enables us to make sense of our world and create a meaningful and fulfilling life

NLP has given me the capacity to understand the difference between my subjective truth and truth.

More often than not my subjective truth was informed by limiting beliefs, set up from my childhood. From my very first Practitioner course, through to my Master Training and beyond, what I have consistently done is to challenge and unravel all those very unconscious beliefs that were set-up as a child and held me back as an adult.

It’s a little bit like untangling a knot or a ball of string; it’s very difficult to do in one go or instantaneously, but over time, if you pick a little bit here and a little bit there, it actually becomes quite an easy process and almost enjoyable. That has been my NLP journey.

While I’ve had revelations, amazing breakthroughs and I’ve come away from courses with a profoundly different sense of what is possible and how I can make changes in my life.

Actually over time, most of the changes have happened at an unconscious level. A little bit like that knot being untied, just a little bit here and there and suddenly now my life is so radically different.

During my Coaching, NLP Training and Retreats you will explore many of the tools and techniques of NLP, but you will also learn how to:

  • Develop the flexibility and resilience to respond resourcefully in your work and personal life
  • Welcome on-going change and learning through giving and receiving feedback
  • Coach yourself and others to fulfil their true potential
  • Build business and personal relationships that are enriching and successful Influence by example, according to your own values
  • Enhance rapport with yourself and others
  • Face challenges while remaining flexible, resourceful and congruent Identify and celebrate your own and others’ unique skills and talents
  • Discover and explore the essence of excellence in yourself and others, in ways that support your and their true potential

If you choose to join me on your NLP journey, you will come away from the experience, having accelerated your ability to create a profound life in a way that is full of learning, integrity, freedom and choice. You will discover the essence of excellence in yourself and perhaps more importantly, be able to do that for others too.

What course attendees say

A way to transform your life with magic!

Making sense of life and living it to the fullest

Learning the structure of knowledge and magic

Discovering and living out our full potential

A mirror – it helps me to me see myself and my behaviours objectively

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