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NLP Trainer Training

Learn to lead with love and embrace all situations as opportunities for learning for yourself and your group. Discover how to be truly transformational by seeing and ‘calling out’ the unsuspected greatness in everyone!

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NLP Trainer Training: See the unexpected in everyone

This course is for anyone who wants to discover how to be all that you can be and share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

Release the true power of NLP

So much of my development as an NLP Trainer has been modelled on the core beliefs and strategies of my mentors Sue Knight and Gene Early, who have coached and mentored me for over a decade.

Just as my professional and personal journey has been accelerated through these deep relationships, I invite you to do the same with me.

NLP Trainer Training is one of the most exciting and rich journeys you can embark on. It is a way to have a profound life. You will develop so much more than powerful new processes and tools through this NLP Trainer Training. Your style, language and impact will be taken to new levels through modeling myself, those you work with, your clients, and everyday encounters.

Who is NLP Trainer Training for?

This course isn’t for people who just want another certificate or to be called an NLP Trainer. Are you ready to commit to owning and developing yourself, as a way of empowering the experience of others? Are you ready to work within yourself to recognise and manage the energy in your groups in order to create a learning, loving community within those groups?

Are you ready to release the full power of your trainees to impact their clients and to create the world they long to be a part of? If so, this NLP Trainer Training is for you. Contact me for more information or to discuss what more you can expect.

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Grow Your Coaching Practice

Saturday 27th July 2024 10-11AM U.K. time

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My new book is now available and free to download.  Beautifully illustrated and with dozens of practical exercises, I hope and expect this book will help you find more passion, purpose and direction in your life.

NLP Trainer Training, with me Tristan Soames

Join me in Ibiza, Goa, the UK or South Africa for beautifully crafted, multi-level NLP Trainer Training. You will work with small groups, using ‘real-time’ experiences to open up new and unexpected ways of learning from yourself and those around you.

People relate to people more than they do ‘trainers’. As an NLP Trainer you are a leader; an integral part of a group and an example of all that you are teaching.

I commit to work with you on this programme in a way that encourages you to live life to the full and to realise the truth of who you are, in all that you do. My approach is ‘real-time’, experiential and challenging. I work ‘real time’ so that we learn consistently from what is happening in our lives and in our interactions together at this time.

Click the image to watch a video of one of my NLP Retreats in Ibiza

This NLP Trainer Training with will show you how:

  • To be an example of all that you teach and to demonstrate that you are developing in areas of your life where you are not fully congruent
  • To express the truth of who you are in the way that you train and in the way that you give and receive feedback
  • To show how you are constantly working ‘on the edge’ and using what is current in your life and work, to support learning for others
  • To show your vulnerability when appropriate, but also to manage your state so that you are constantly resourceful in your support of others
  • To maintain a constantly resourceful state with any group you are leading or supporting

And so much more! For more information keep reading or contact me.

Diagram of NLP Model: Active Verbs
Diagram of NLP Model: Learning Retention

What can you expect on my NLP Trainer Training course?

One of the best ways I can express the value of a multi-level NLP Trainer Training course is this: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin My NLP Trainer Training is highly experiential. At its core is modelling excellence within yourself and others; then making the essence of what you have discovered, easily accessible to others. It involves learning how to take a systemic view of a group whilst remaining simultaneously connected individually. You will be able to successfully take a group to new levels of awareness and performance. My aim on completion of our work together, is for you to:

  • Design and deliver outstanding NLP Training based on the TOTE model i.e. based on outcomes, with the content derived from the circumstances in the moment
  • Set and achieve delegate based, well formed outcomes for all training
  • Demonstrate examples of how the NLP principles are working for you
  • Recognise and act in line with the boundaries of the roles of delegate/assistant/trainer/co-learner
  • Sacrifice your personal needs/wants in the interest of the group

You can download some of the training materials from the course in advance by filling out the form below.


About Tristan – your NLP Trainer

My name is Tristan Soames and I’ve been studying NLP for the last 20 years. I was certified as an NLP Master Trainer in 2011 by Sue Knight and have learned from and with many of the pioneers of NLP, including Tony Robbins, Judy de Lozier, Richard Bandler and Christina Hall. Gene Early, who was largely responsible for bringing NLP to Europe is my coach and mentor now. I like to think that we stand on the shoulders of giants and I feel deeply privileged to have had many remarkable mentors and coaches in my time.

Continuity Training

I see NLP is bringing about profound change in this world. My interest and support in your journey as a NLP Trainer runs well beyond my Retreats and Courses. I commit to helping you achieve the difference you want to make in your life and the world. I am not alone in this. Trainer Training accepts you as a part of a larger, dynamic, loving and supportive coaching community, whose express purpose is to help you manifest the vision in your heart. I will support you in building all that you need to successfully take your NLP and talents into the world and continue making an even greater difference.


You will:

  • Learn how to set up your own profitable Retreats, Webinars, Inner Circle, Online School and Coaching Programmes; in a safe and supportive environment
  • Absorb new ways to run a successful coaching and training business
  • Learn how to set up, run and promote your own online and offline live events
  • Participate in regular Webinars and Hangouts
  • Join our NLP Foundation Events and also get discounted places on Retreats
  • Learn how to harness the power of online platforms like Trello, Google, Hangouts, WhatsApp etc.
  • Benefit from 1on1 coaching session each month with me and a catch-up session with a Global Coaching Network Founding Partner
  • Have your questions answered, get professional support and accelerate your personal and business growth exponentially through weekly live and interactive webinars
  • Full access to our online platform, a part of which is where you can come with any problem, any time and solve it in 28 words or less

And so much more!

More upcoming events:

Ibiza NLP Retreat Oct 2024

12th-20th October 2024, 7 day residential

Grow Your Coaching Practice

Saturday 27th July 2024 10-11AM U.K. time

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An outstanding course - the insight ive gained, the tools and techniques, the exploration of self to some larger purpose. Learning to listen with curiosity and love.

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? PLEASE GET IN TOUCH using the form to the right or email me below.
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