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Developing Resilience

I once read that there are three qualities that all entrepreneurs have mastered – flexibility, resilience and persistence.

I’d say that one of the greatest gifts NLP has given me has been the ability to be remarkably flexible in most situations.

And reflecting on it now, I’ve persisted in numerous businesses despite incredible challenges and odds. Knowing when to quit or when to persist and persevere is a constant challenge we as humans face.

But resilience has been something that I’ve lacked over the years which is in part what drew me to NLP. Every time I found myself in the ‘NLP space’ or I was coached, I found that I was able to shift my state and get back on the path to success, whatever that meant to me at the time. I was able to bounce back from failure, defeat or depression by committing to a process which consistently proved to me that there was a way through and out the other side of my problems or patterns.

Mexico presented me with a remarkable number of challenges – from trying to run a business with no Wi-Fi, to struggling to find any decent accommodation.  And when I did, the smell of sewage forcing me to move on to my next abode which for about 50% of the time I was there had no running water.

We encountered a whole host of unexpected and ongoing logistical challenges which required a lot of outside-the-box thinking and action to resolve.  Even things like my diet and health began to suffer as I found myself eating out much of the time.. 

But it forced me to step up and to continue to commit to myself and others in a way that I’ve done before, just not to this degree!  I had to draw on every reserve that I had – mental, emotional and physical.

In hindsight, I can look back now and appreciate all of those challenges and what they gave me – the structure of resilience – in the face of relentless challenges. 

"When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don't give up!" Roy T. Bennett

On reflection, I realise now how far I’ve come in integrating many of the Beliefs of Excellence, or NLP presuppositions and the demonstrable difference they make in my state and life.

As Linda said on the video here “I realise now how limitless I am”.

I wonder which of the beliefs above would make the greatest difference in your life, if you were to live as if it were true?

I know how out of touch my beliefs are by tracking my state these days.  When I’m out of whack with life I can be sure that my beliefs are not aligned with the truth or the empowering presuppositions above.

Rather my beliefs, even if they are unconscious, are out of whack with reality and the thing creating my un-resourceful or unpleasant state.  This is where awareness and the choice to operate from empowering presuppositions, such as those above, can, and do make such a difference.

NLP is often referred to as ‘the difference that makes the difference’.

Well, if there is one difference within the wide spectrum of NLP that makes a difference, it is the NLP presuppositions by which we navigate the world.  These can often be at odds with being flexible or resilient.

The longer I live life the more I’ve realised that I’m not alone in my suffering.  I feel like I’ve had a pretty challenging life but through NLP and coaching I’ve irrefutable proof that I can always change my state; that I can achieve what I want; that I can change my thinking, my beliefs, my state and my life.  And do that for others! 

I have become pretty flexible and resilient over the years by integrating many of these NLP presuppositions.  And it’s clear to me that when I’m not in a good state or being resourceful I know that it’s one of my beliefs or the presupposition is from which I’m operating that is a real issue. And this awareness is then the opportunity to challenge those limitations at another level and to release even greater potential.

Mexico with all its challenges presented opportunities for me to grow through and because of those apparent obstacles.  It is the challenges in life that are the very fuel we need in order to grow and flourish.  Just as the oak tree grows deeper roots because of the storms, we to grow stronger when we embrace and rise above the challenges that life will inevitably present us.

If you’re interested in moving beyond your own limiting beliefs and releasing your full potential then I invite you to join me and my community this summer.  Email me [email protected] with any questions or you can explore the website to find something that appeals to you.

Love, Tristan 

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