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Transform Your Life With Certified NLP Courses, Retreats & Coaching

Is something holding you back from reaching your full potential – maybe even yourself? My NLP Training Courses will provide you with the skills and mindset needed to navigate life’s complexities resourcefully and congruently, in order to unlock a truly unlimited tomorrow.

Welcome to my website! My name is Tristan and I am an NLP Master Trainer based in Ibiza.  I’m dedicated to supporting others find their ‘inner excellence’ so that they can become the best versions of themselves. Through my NLP Training Courses and international NLP Retreats you can learn how to better understand yourself and those around you, taking control of your actions, your language and your future. My NLP Courses and Retreats are located around the world and certified from NLP Practitioner up to NLP Master Trainer level. Join us for a spiritual, yet practical learning journey, empowering you to squeeze the most out of life.

NLP retreat in ibiza,
12th-20th OCT 2024

No matter where you are in life, or what level of NLP you’re at, my immersive and Certified NLP Retreats will help you transform your world – from the inside out – in the most profound of ways. 

Find out more about my next NLP Retreat in Ibiza 12th-20th Oct 2024.

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My new book is now available and free to download.  Beautifully illustrated and with dozens of practical exercises, I hope and expect this book will help you find more passion, purpose and direction in your life.
Featured NLP Courses
FREE NLP Foundation Course

Designed as the perfect introduction to NLP, my NLP Foundation Course will guide you through the foundations for getting unstuck & moving forward to pursue your dreams congruently & authentically.

Growing Your Coaching Practice

Join us for this experiential and transformational Online Excelerator to discover how to attract clients and make your life and your clients’ lives much easier and happier using a simple four step process.

Certified Online NLP Course

No matter where you are in life, this immersive and Certified Online NLP Course will help you transform your world from the inside out: Certified for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Training.

Certified NLP Retreat in Ibiza

A transformational 7 Day Certified NLP Retreat in Ibiza, suitable for all levels. If you choose to join us, you’ll find yourself changing your thinking and your life while relaxing on one of the most idyllic and picturesque islands in the world.

Which NLP Course is right for you?

I offer Certified NLP Training Courses around the world including but not limited to  NLP retreats in Ibiza, South Africa, India, the UK and Mexico as well as NLP Courses Online. Whether you’re brand new to NLP or you’re looking to perfect your approach through NLP Trainer Training, we can guide you through your journey to achieve incredible results. The below is just a selection of our most popular events but you can also check out our full list of available NLP courses. If you’re not sure which is right for you, please do get in touch via the chat button below or contact form.

NLP Foundation Courses

Designed as the perfect introduction to NLP, our NLP Foundation Course will guide you the through the basics of how to move forward and pursue your dreams congruently and authentically.

NLP Practitioner Courses

Our NLP Practitioner courses are aimed at attendees who have completed the NLP foundation Course and are looking for further mastery in how to break through your fears and access the power within you.

NLP Master Practitioner Courses

During an NLP Master Practitioner course, we get to the heart of NLP — the modelling of excellence. This is a profound experience where each participant works on their own project throughout the programme and beyond.

NLP Trainer Training Courses

NLP Trainer Training is one of the most exciting and rich journeys you can embark on. It is a way to have a profound life. Your style, language and impact will be taken to new levels through modeling myself, those you work with, your clients, and everyday encounters.


Hi there, my name is Tristan Soames and I am a passionate NLP Trainer and coach living in Ibiza committed to supporting clients squeeze the most out of their lives and one of less than 100 ANLP-recognised Master Trainers working anywhere in the world.

I love travelling and working in places close to my heart – especially Mexico, India, South Africa, the UK and Ibiza where I run certified NLP courses and retreats each year. I’m in the business of helping people create an extraordinary life, whatever that means to them, one where the seemingly impossible becomes inevitable.

The central question I’m asking and attempting to answer through my work is, “Who are you, why are you here, and how can you live a life full of passion and purpose?”

In order to answer that question I am consistently learning, modelling and sharing the ‘secrets of success’ I discover on my journey.

I’ve been studying NLP for the last 20 years. I was certified as an NLP Master Trainer in 2011 by Sue Knight and have trained with many of the pioneers of NLP. I like to think that we stand on the shoulders of giants and I feel deeply privileged to have had many remarkable mentors and coaches in my time.

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