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My new 240 page book ‘A Personal Guide to NLP: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life’ is now available and free to download. Beautifully illustrated and with dozens of practical NLP models and exercises, you can expect this book to help you create more passion, purpose and possibilities in your life.

free nlp book, hot off the (virtual) press
A personal guide to nlp

What is it that you want most in your life? What would you like to accomplish that looks impossible but if it were achieved would change everything? What’s missing from your life or your business? If you were living the exact life you wanted, how would you know?

My new book ‘A Personal Guide to NLP’ is now finished and I’m excited to share it with the world. The purpose of the book is twofold.

The first is to help you ask and, more importantly, answer powerful questions like those above, so that you can awaken to and step into your full potential; so that you can live a life that is full of passion, purpose and possibility.

The second is for me to share the remarkable insights and wisdom that I have gained on my NLP journey.

The process of writing this book has helped me clarify my thinking, develop my business and will, I hope, enable me to have more of an impact in the world.

Beautifully illustrated and with dozens of practical exercises to guide you through your journey, I trust that this book will help you find more passion, purpose and direction in your life. And I hope that, as you apply yourself to the exercises throughout, it will enable you to resolve any limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterns that have been holding you back, so that you can live a life you truly love.

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