“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

South Africa has always touched my heart. It’s a place of deep contrast, breath-taking beauty and profound challenge. And yet, precisely because of that challenge, there’s a spirit of generosity, cooperation and development – as well as a passion for making a difference – like nowhere else on Earth.

I’m inspired by the humanity and stories – of both the struggle and success – in making empowering meaning and a truly inspiring difference out of the darkness, segregation, poverty and despair here.

We are faced with such a divisive and challenging worldview in so many ways, so having examples like this – of how to be present with, and transcend the dark night of the soul as individuals, organisations and communities – has never been more important.

To turn challenge into opportunity; see light amidst the darkness; return from the past and future into the present moment, and transform fear into love – this is what South Africa represents and offers in many ways.

Next year I’m hoping to document and make a film about some of these inspiring stories and projects. The irresistible invitation for me each time I come here and run a course is to become fully alive in this moment – to choose living in the now rather than the past or future; to choose love over fear; and to do whatever ‘internal work’ is required to make that profound shift.

The structural difference between these ways of being (which of course NLP is all about) is like night and day. To be more accurate – it’s freedom for the soul, rather than being imprisoned by the thoughts of ego.

And to continue with the themes of presence and deep transformation, if you’re looking for inspiration and a game changing, mind bending read then I’d thoroughly recommend some of these beauties that I’ve been enjoying recently.

“It’s exciting… it’s like what can I do next? What can we do next? The power that we all have within us… and the power of language and of learning things and of learning structure… and then what we can all do together as a group and as a community and as a country and as a world… it’s endless, it’s endless possibilities!”

Natalie Brown, Director of @7 Project Management

So how about getting your gift out into the world this summer by joining me in Ibiza for a deep dive into the structure of inner transformation?

You’ll get to indulge yourself in the time, skills and environment to experience a powerful transformation – from the inside out. Like so many who have joined us before, you can start really getting your gift out into the world.

And the retreat really holds something for everyone. So whether you’re new to NLP, a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer you’ll take your NLP practice, certification and life to the next level… and way beyond!

Like my mentor and coach Gene Early once said, you’re on a profound path. Watch the video below to see some of what you can expect by joining us… and how you too are on a profound path.. if you choose it!

A flavour of what you can expect by joining us in Ibiza this summer Read more about the Retreat or Book your place by clicking here

And finally, here’s a question for you. Why do we live in fear when the truth will set us free?

To my mind, it’s because that is what we’ve been conditioned to do. Since we were children we were taught not to trust ourselves, others or our instincts. It doesn’t mean we can’t. It means we don’t.

We’ve been sold a lie – that the material world will make us happy and that we’re not enough without consuming something other than this moment. The solution? Set yourself free from the conditioning of the past and the environment and people who make you think you are, who you’re not. You are SO much more than you think you are!

One of the ways we discover more of who we really are, is by leaning into fear. And we’ll be releasing a great Podcast by Angela, Matt and Pete (who are all members of my team and have trained with me over the years) in which they unpack how to lean into fear, and how this one thing can radically improve the quality and direction of your life. Keep an eye out for this and other Podcasts dropping into your inbox soon.

That’s it from me for now. Next stop is the UK for a week or two in April, then Austria for a hiking holiday in the mountains… and then probably back to my beloved Ibiza. And lots of webinars and coaching and powerful, enriching conversations to enjoy along the way. I wish the same for you.

If you have any questions; or if we can help or support you with your current challenges or vision then do get in touch. I love hearing from you.

Love, Tristan

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