We swim in language, as fish do in water. We are surrounded by language in every aspect of our lives and yet, we are for the large part, unconscious of how it affects us.

But it does.  Every word!

You see, you cannot separate language from experience. Every word spoken, creates a world of internal experience for the listener, whether that’s someone else, or ourselves listening to ourselves.

So the words we use, create our experience.  And that is the world we inhabit moment by moment.  NLP is the study of that subjective world.

Our ability to increase conscious awareness of how we are creating our world through language is not beyond our capacity.  In fact you could say that it’s essential to live our lives fully.

Meditation has many health benefits by raising conscious awareness of our experience.  NLP similarly has many benefits, but raising awareness to our experience; and by learning to change and enrich it through the words we use.

The limits of your language become the limit of your life.  The wider your ability to describe your experience of life, the richer your experience of life becomes.

Robert Dilts once said that flexibility is having multiple options and that wisdom is having multiple perspectives. I’d say that power is having multiple ways of describing and enriching our experience.

Enrich your language and you enrich your life… and the lives of all those around you.

Are you ready to change your language.. And your world?

Where would you start?

Love, Tristan

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