Most of us have heard of the term – exponential growth. It looks something like this.

Some of us understand the term – compounded interest. It looks something like this.Fewer still have applied the combined principles of exponential growth and compounded investment returns.

When we invest in ourselves, we begin to understand that the key to multiplying those returns is to share, teach and spread the wisdom and benefits that we have attained. Then we are in the realm of the greats! … Not because we want to be like them. Far from it. Most of us want to be ourselves. And in fact, as Marianne Williamson said, “it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”.

We are in the realm of the greats because, all of them (such as Kahil Gibran, Gandhi and Nelson Mandella to name but a very few) have, in Parmer J Parker’s words, “the courage to teach“.

  • Nelson Mandella taught people how to forgive and love. He united a Nation!
  • Gandhi taught people non-violence and that the truth ultimately, always wins. He created a free independent nation!
  • Martin Luther King taught the power of words and united action. He changed the world!

Often the returns can seem small. The losses demoralising. The journey unrewarding.

Then suddenly, as if my magic, all the time, money and energy we have invested over the years begin to compound and result in exponential growth.

And people say, “well they got lucky!

No, they invested and they kept investing.

What are you teaching, to who and why?

Love, Tristan


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