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12 Oct: A slap in the face with a massive salmon!

I remember my mentor once saying what a gift it was to find oneself in the midst of our suffering….

15 Apr: Developing Resilience

I once read that there are three qualities that all entrepreneurs have mastered – flexibility, resilience and persistence. I’d say that…

05 May: How Change Works: The Structure of Magic

the structure of magic Many of us have been challenged deeply in the last year, in a myriad of ways….

01 Jan: Certified NLP retreat in Ibiza

Hi guys, please take a moment to check out this new video about the retreat. Love, Tristan

24 Dec: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I’m sharing a couple of presents with you and also ones that you can share with others at…

03 Dec: Designed to Soar

Most of us have achieved a level of success.  Being human, we all want more.  And yet there are clearly…

14 Jun: Exponential Change

Post retreat is always an interesting time for me.  I guess for everyone actually.  My work is increasingly about getting…

27 Nov: No more New Years resolutions – Create lasting change in 2019

“How colourful is your internal world?  Because the outside is always a reflection”  – Tristan Soames Well we’re here again, the…

23 Oct: Touchdown in Africa

Hi there, Summer for me in Ibiza has come to an end in the most remarkable of ways – with my…

21 Aug: We swim in language as fish do in water

Hi We swim in language, as fish do in water. We are surrounded by language in every aspect of our…

14 Aug: Do you ever struggle to retain what you learn?

Hi, received this question the other day.  I thought it was such a great one, and I enjoyed responding to…

13 Jul: Love life and learning #2

I’m writing this as I prepare to jump on a flight to France tonight.  I’m off to spend a week…

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