Here’s a little story. I was sat in the pub many years ago sharing the trials and tribulations of life, and especially that of my relationship. My friend, well call him Oli, says “why don’t you do this…? You should do that… Oh you’ll be alright… don’t worry mate. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself… It’ll work out…” etc. etc.

I love my mates and I love their honesty, truth and how I can be totally relaxed with them. Truth be told – their advice, support and ‘coaching’ back then didn’t really help. Their love of me did.

Fast forward a few years and imagine this. I discovered that as an NLP coach I needed an NLP coach. Not only did I need a coach, I wanted one. Because NLP coaching is life changing. We are in the miracle business and my coach consistently creates miracles in my life and thinking, just as I do for my clients.

So now, instead of sitting in the pub and chatting to my mates to get advice and support I bring a challenge, question or relationship issue to my coach and I say ” I can’t… How can I…But if only…?”

And he shifts level; by responding with something like “you’re not who you think you are Tristan. You’re the purpose for which you were created.” Or… “the real question is… who does Tristan want to become?” or…. “what would it meant to you having already moved beyond this?’

The stories he shares, the frames he sets and the questions he asks can be challenging, revealing and liberating.

The truth is that we become who we surround ourselves with. We can’t not influence and we can’t not be influenced by the world around us.

I love being influenced by my coach now. He is consistently raising the bar, expanding my vision and sense of what’s possible in my life.

Who are you being influenced by? Who you being coached by? Who are you coaching?

Are you getting your advice input from magazines, TV, Facebook or your mates? Or are you going to the best and transforming from the inside-out, at the deepest level?

It’s your choice. And it makes all the difference. You make a difference!

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