I’m re-doing my website at the moment.  Something I’ve had a barrier to doing for a long time.  I’ve cringed for long enough while looking at it, and yet it’s still taken me years to get to the point where I’m committed to re-designing it! So I’ve been reflecting on what the barrier was.

Of course it was an internal barrier and I recognise that I have other internal barriers in my life.  It’s a part of being human, right?  But the barriers almost always come down to how we think about things.

As part of my efforts to re-write my website and share my message, I’ve been meaning to write, but I’ve not felt inclined to.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say I’ve felt a lot of resistance to writing.  This has been a pattern especially in writing or sharing my message, but in other contexts too; exercise, giving up coffee, the list could go on.  Why is that?


Where did the resistance to writing come from?

While considering this question, I caught myself sharing with someone (my Attraction Manager as it happens!) how I didn’t want to market my courses like other people through writing; how I didn’t want to promote myself through my writing; or write just for the sake of it, without some sort of deep sense of purpose.  And I didn’t want it to be about myself.

This of course begs the question, what did I want?

It took me a while to process the answer to this and the subsequent questions which enabled me to make a significant shift and begin actually enjoying the process of writing again, with a sense of purpose and ease.  But the core shift was a structural shift moving away from what I didn’t want to moving towards what I did want.  Simple, yet profound.

What I discovered as I explored these questions, was that I wanted to share. I wanted to touch people and share a message from my heart; to move people and inspire them to live a life of freedom, love and boundless possibility.

That’s the truth

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