Forest Gump said that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” And boy, was he right!

For much of my formative years I battled with myself and life. I had an insatiable need to know, to have a sense of understanding and control. While we can create an internal experience of knowing (and we can control certain aspects of our lives) when push comes to shove, the opposite is needed for us to live fully.

We need to both know and paradoxically, to not know. We need to get comfortable with knowing and not knowing; with control and releasing control. Life is full of paradox!

Perhaps more now than ever we need to be flexible, to accept, to flow, let go and to forgive – ourselves and others – to release control of events outside of us (and even inside us!) and come back to what we can control. That is, to have some measure of control over the aspects of our own lives that we can actually influence – our breath, physiology, focus, language and way we use our thinking and show up in the world – all great NLP techniques.

My winter has been jam packed full of unknowns; of unexpected events in my business and relationships. Some deeply challenging! I’ve been back and forth to Goa three times, South Africa twice, the UK and Ibiza once. Phew… I need to breathe!!

I loved being back home in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. But I’m now writing this on one of my favourite beaches in Goa… my second home.

Along with the unexpected chocolate box of events and challenges that life has generously presented me with, I’ve been listening deeply. I’m very aware of a ‘next level’ for me which I haven’t yet fully stepped into. Like a game with endless levels, life is inviting me to the next one, but I need to hone my skills and my NLP techniques to get there.

As a result I’ve decided to take two sabbaticals – one this summer, another in winter. Tough life I know… but someone has to write this awesome book!

It’s a special time for me to reflect, read, write, focus on health, vitality and sustainability; integrating at a deeper level some of the changes I’ve experienced over the last few years. I’ll be sharing my journey with you through my writing and blogs over the next few months of course 🙂

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