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Most people think that resting in peace is something that is inscribed on their tombstone.

In fact, life offers us something very different.

Performance is intimately connected to identity. So if you don’t know who you are or whose you are, you will more often than not perform in order to obtain identity (value).

You can only rest in peace if you’re secure in your identity; of knowing that you are a child of the Universe… and that the Universe is your source of increase, life and identity.

Typically people obtain value (or identity) by what they do, or sometimes have. Notice when you meet someone for the first time, the most common question is, what do you do?

We judge who people are (identity) based on what they do (behaviour).

So the harder someone works; the more someone earns or the higher-ranking position they hold, the more value society generally places on the individual.

Partnership with the Universe is different. You get to work from rest, not for rest. You live from identity, not for identity. What you do comes from who you are and whom you are partnering with.

So before you even get out of bed in the mornings to start your day’s work, it’s worth remembering that you’re already loved, accepted, valued and significant because you belong to the Universe. And because you’re working for the greatest good of her and all of her wondrous creations.

Remember this.. and have a restful day, full of communion with this beautiful world we inhabit.

Love, Tristan

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