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My father passed away with my hand placed gently on his chest as he drew his last breath.  His death affected me much more than I had expected. He told me that he loved me for the first time in my life, just two days before he passed away.

I fell out with one of my best friends. I was at a loss with how to respond and regressed into childhood patterns of abandonment, rejection and hopelessness for a few days.

And then there were the many highs.  The Transformational Leadership Retreat in Ibiza with my mentor and coach, Gene Early where we explored the ‘story worth living our lives for’.  The start of my book which continues that theme ‘From Fear To Faith’.

Then there were my trips to South Africa and Botswana where I loved running NLP courses and learning about animal communication on safari.  And the last month, in Goa where I’m running another Retreat.  Each time I return to India, I fall in love with her more.  I’m now looking at setting up a Retreat centre out here.

I feel extremely blessed to live a life of passion, purpose and freedom and sometimes have to pinch myself that a) I’m allowed and b) that it’s really real.  Of course the answer is yes to both of those.

I still have residual patterns of wanting more and believing I’m not enough from time to time.  But stopping now and reflecting on the last year, I can appreciate all the changes I’ve made, how far I’ve come and how important this work is in the world.

How do you know when to look back and appreciate all the changes you’ve already made, I wonder?

You can read more about what I’ve been up to below and a recent blog post of mine called ‘Beyond The Barrier’ here.  Enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year and all the best in 2016!
Love, Tristan

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