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  • A 2 hour group 10x Breakthrough Call on Zoom 
  • A series of 10x lessons to transform your mindset 
  • A loving, supportive community to transform your life
  • A free 10x powerful coaching conversation 
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What is the 10X Programme?

10X represents a symbol for transformational thinking and action leading to exponential growth and development. Join a dynamic 10x community of like-minded individuals to elevate your mindset, profoundly reshape your life and carry this extraordinary perspective forward for a lifetime. Welcome to the future of personal and professional development! 

This programme is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and will introduce you to a groundbreaking paradigm in NLP, leadership and coaching based on Gene and Tristan’s 50+ years of working with the early founders of NLP and leaders from around the world.

Set over 6 months, this 10x programme has been designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and visionaries who are ready for a quantum leap in their personal development, want to cultivate a mindset of exponential growth and to make a lasting impact in their business or community.

This 10x Programme is an extension of Tristan’s Bespoke Coaching and NLP Community. In this programme we assume our present mindset and way of representing our world is 1x. 10x forces us to stir up our courage, willingly choose to take a risk, get outside our comfort zone, enter the unknown, and persevere through adversity, challenge and success.

For this we need to use our imagination and create new mental, emotional and physical pathways to reach these ambitious goals. And this is what the 10x Programme is all about. Join us?

how it works

Who the 10x Programme is for:

This programme is not just for personal growth, though it will include this. It is for people committed to impacting others through their business or community.  It is for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and people who have a  true vision beyond themselves.

No matter what your personal and professional context, it provides the opportunity to 10x your internal work and influence the larger systems of which you are a part.

What to expect:

Take your mindset from 1x to 10x and benefit from this across all contexts in your life – from your finances, health, energy and relationships to your work, impact and joy for life.

  • Experience a profound and ongoing state of flow and freedom in your life and business.
  • Shift from doing it alone, to being a part of a transformational and loving community, committed to supporting the vision you have in your heart.
  • Enjoy the benefits that come from eliminating stress and overwhelm and instead creating more energy, income, freedom and fulfilment in your life.
Transform your life with a 10X mindset

Join us on a journey of profound transformation with our 10x Programme. Our approach, refined over many years of combined experience, will elevate you to unprecedented levels of accomplishment and personal fulfilment that extend far beyond our time together.

Unlock Your Full Potential: Our programme is tailored to uncover and harness your unique strengths. You will experience a surge in self-confidence as you break through barriers and achieve goals you once thought unattainable. Our guidance and support will help you realise your full potential, turning aspiration into tangible success.

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills: In this ever-more complex world, our programme will provide clarity and perspective to the decisions you face on your life’s journey. 

You will learn how to navigate challenging situations with ease and confidence with even more effective strategies available in both your professional and personal life.

Balanced and Fulfilling Lifestyle: Discover the art of balancing high performance with personal well-being. You will learn to prioritise what matters most with a focus on harmony and fulfilment and how to manage stress effectively, ensuring success is not at the expense of your health or happiness.

Supportive community: As part of our growing community of change-makers, you will be part of a thriving network of like-minded professionals, opening doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and growth.  You will shift from doing it alone, to being a part of a transformational and loving community committed to supporting the vision you have in your heart.

Lasting Behavioural Change: We will deep dive into your behavioural patterns, helping you to learn to facilitate profound and lasting change. By understanding and modifying your underlying beliefs and habits, you’ll see a sustainable shift in both mindset and results.

Heightened Leadership Abilities: Elevate your leadership to inspire and influence effectively. With our support, you will see a dramatic change in your leadership skills, helping you lead teams with vision, empathy, and strength.

Partnering with us on 10x, you’re not just investing in the programme, you’re investing in a transformative experience that will resonate through every facet of your life.

10x Call Dates and Timings:
  • Wednesday 26th June 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Wednesday 17th July 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Wednesday 24th July 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Wednesday 14th August 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Thursday 29th August 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Wednesday 4th September 2-5PM BST/3-6PM CET
  • Wednesday 11th September 5-7pm BST/ 6-8pm CET
  • Wednesday 25th September 5-7pm BST/ 6-8pm CET
  • Wednesday 9th October 5-7pm BST/ 6-8pm CET
  • Wednesday 30th October 5-7pm BST/ 6-8pm CET
Sophie Battaglino

He has this force to go right in your heart and see who you truly are. And it was for me a wonderful time to go to the next level by going deeper and deeper in my own soul…… this extraordinary experience.


Wow… it’s a new way of being… and showing up in the world. A new way of accepting and embracing my own truth; of who I am, who I can be.. and who I want to be


I have the Power. The power to help .. myself… and others,… to go into deep structure and problem solve, ….. watching physical reactions was beautiful. It filled me with such happiness… Now the future is firmly in my hands. Life is one powerful journey.


Invigorating! I feel like it’s given me everything and more. More connection, more love, more knowledge, more trust. Such personal growth leading to a more enriched life.

Nicole Dando

Every participant leaves with a ton of what they need.There is magic at work and it gets channelled into tangible resources – you’re guaranteed to leave with an even better version of yourself.

Sign up for free and receive:
  • A 90 minute group 10x Breakthrough Call on Zoom
  • A series of 10x lessons to transform your mindset
  • A community to support you transform your mindset and life

What’s included:

  • A 6 month group coaching 10x Programme for a maximum of 18 people 
  • Two 2 hour 10x Zoom group calls a month with Gene and Tristan 
  • Two 1on1 60 minute 10x powerful coaching conversations (one with Gene, one with Tristan)
  • 60 Inspirational 10x lessons to transform your mind and 10x your life
  • A Buddy Coaching System to integrate your 10x mindset
  • A MasterMind Group to develop your 10x thinking and lifestyle
  • A 10x Community Platform where you can share and ask anything from our 10x Community between calls
  • A 10x WhatsApp Group for instant messaging and support
about the authors of the 10x programme

Gene Early

Gene Early, PhD, is a co-founder of Europe’s first Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training institute and is currently a senior advisor with Leaders’ Quest, which takes senior leaders on learning journeys around the world. He is the author of 3 Keys to Transforming Your Potential: An Accelerator’s Guide to the CEO Within and numerous other writings.

Trained by NLP luminaries Bandler and Grinder and having brought NLP to Europe, Gene went on to play a key role as a co-founder of Genomic Health, a Silicon Valley life science company pioneering the first genomic-based breast cancer diagnostic test. 

In his strategic advisory capacity, Gene works with CEOs and executive teams, entrepreneurs and coaches around the world focusing on the integration of purpose and performance. 

His transformative coaching extends to both for-profit and non-profit sectors, leaving a lasting impact on leaders and organisations globally.

Portrait of Tristan Soames, NLP Master Trainer

Tristan Soames

Tristan Soames is a Master Trainer of NLP who trained with the NLP greats and has himself trained numerous aspiring and experienced NLP Practitioners. He lives in Ibiza where he hosts retreats and certifies people from NLP Practitioner up to NLP Master Trainer levels. He is author of A Personal Guide to NLP: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

For over a decade, Tristan has run certified courses, online programmes and NLP retreats in locations from Spain to India and Mexico to Malaysia. With a capacity to engage a broad array of personalities, his clients run the gamut from NGO leaders in South African townships to corporate leaders in the UK. 

He is currently focussed on modelling 10x mindset and action, so as to create exponential transformation in lifestyle and professional settings. 

In his retreats, online programmes and writing, he shares his many insights and processes for tapping untapped potential, which we all have but don’t always recognise.

We do not rise to the level of our goals… we fall to the level of our systems!

Communities are systems and one of the most powerful ways for people to:

  • Navigate a rapidly changing world
  • Build new practices and create new habits
  • Get results and transformation that’s nearly impossible to get on your own

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of our dynamic 10x community, foster a mindset of exponential growth, and leave an indelible mark on your business or community. 

The great news is that the 10x journey cannot be finished in 6 months. However, it is possible to establish a 10x mindset in 6 months that lasts a lifetime. It becomes a lifestyle of exponential growth and development in every area of your life.

The programme starts the minute you sign up!

However, we will be closing the doors to new entrants and starting the 6 month programme once we reach 18 participants. 

Those who sign up early will have more time with us and benefit from additional support before the official launch date.

Early Adopter Investment

£7,500 £10,000
(monthly payment plans available)

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