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  • A 2 hour group 10x Breakthrough Call on Zoom 
  • A series of 10x lessons to transform your mindset 
  • A loving, supportive community to transform your life
  • A free 10x powerful coaching conversation 
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What is the 10X Programme?

10X represents a symbol for transformational thinking and action leading to exponential growth and development. Join a dynamic 10x community of like-minded individuals to elevate your mindset, profoundly reshape your life and carry this extraordinary perspective forward for a lifetime. Welcome to the future of personal and professional development! 

This programme is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and will introduce you to a groundbreaking paradigm in NLP, leadership and coaching based on Gene and Tristan’s 50+ years of working with the early founders of NLP and leaders from around the world.

Set over 6 months, this 10x programme has been designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and visionaries who are ready for a quantum leap in their personal development, want to cultivate a mindset of exponential growth and to make a lasting impact in their business or community.

This 10x Programme is an extension of Tristan’s Bespoke Coaching and NLP Community. In this programme we assume our present mindset and way of representing our world is 1x. 10x forces us to stir up our courage, willingly choose to take a risk, get outside our comfort zone, enter the unknown, and persevere through adversity, challenge and success.

For this we need to use our imagination and create new mental, emotional and physical pathways to reach these ambitious goals. And this is what the 10x Programme is all about. Join us?

Sign up for free and receive:
  • A 90 minute group 10x Breakthrough Call on Zoom
  • A series of 10x lessons to transform your mindset
  • A community to support you transform your mindset and life
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