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Everything is falling apart… or is it?

I recently asked some people in my coaching community what webinar topics they would get the most value from.  A few people came back with the theme of – how to focus on their vision when ‘everything‘ is falling apart? Sounds like a great topic to me.  I’ve felt things falling apart so many times that I’ve lost count.  I’m sure we all feel like that at times. […]

Creating Waves

I ran a Retreat out here in Goa last month and started by sharing that “crisis = breakthrough”.  I had just been through a personal crisis which manifested itself physically, with a cricked neck and back. I quickly recognised that because I had a serious physical crisis, I was being offered an opportunity to have […]

The future is an epic adventure

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller Again, I’ve got so much to update you on in this newsletter. But how does one get to the essence, when there is so much content to share? How do we cut to the chase – to what’s most important? To my mind, that’s […]

Everything is an iteration

I launched my coaching business about a decade ago. At first I knew nothing about the business of coaching.  Then I knew a little more. And then I put my toe in the water and found out that I really could make a difference.  But the business of coaching is so different to the world of coaching. I tried marketing and selling and fell flat […]

You can’t escape your destiny

You can’t escape your destiny. And you can’t ignore your calling…. Not for long anyway! Long ago, I remember reading a book that (over) simplified life. It made sense, but as with many theories, they are often somewhat different from our lived experience. The theory was essentially this.  Whatever happens in life we have two […]

The Unexpected Gifts of Depression

Having suffered from depression, I’ve come to recognise the many unexpected gifts of this paralysing label. Experiencing depression, hopelessness or being stuck gives us a choice, unconscious though it is for most. We can subscribe to the label and the idea that we don’t play a part in this very real and debilitating diagnosis; in […]

Life is full of paradox!

Forest Gump said that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” And boy, was he right! For much of my formative years I battled with myself and life. I had an insatiable need to know, to have a sense of understanding and control. While we can create […]