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This is wisdom

When we hit an obstacle or challenge, it requires a different level of consciousness to resolve. Yet so often we revert to habit. We get stuck.  Just how aware can you become.. and what happens when you open up to different perspectives? This is wisdom. When you raise your conscious awareness, you change your state. You literally change your life. Self awareness is the key. Your dreams are through the door.

Quantum thought

Information is in and all around us. What’s it communicating? What is it trying to teach you? At the deepest level.

Illusion vs Reality

Space is the illusion that particles are separated, not a fundamental feature of reality.

Imbued with beauty

You were created with a purpose in mind. Pretty much everything natural in this universe is imbued with beauty and intelligence and designed with growth and love in mind.

State or outcome?

Of course context is a factor and both are important. But if your state is elevated and inspired, then the outcomes that emerge from that way of being, will generally be far more potent and purposeful than focusing on outcomes at the expense of feeling inspired.

State in a way, is everything!

The price of freedom

Your success and freedom in life largely depend on your capacity to solve problems. How are you improving this essential skill?