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Tristan Soames

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Tuesday 8th May

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Tristan Soames

It’s often said that the only time is now.  The future and past only exist in our imagination.  Why then, does it always seem that we never have quite enough time to do what we want and create the kind of lives we truly want?

Join this webinar to discover how you code and experience time and therefore create stress, overwhelm and those feelings of never having quite enough time.

You can expect to have a profound shift in the way you move from feeling like you don’t have enough time to having all the time in the world, to create the kind of life you want and deserve!

So take the time out of your busy life and schedule.  Give yourself a transformational experience; re-code how you experience and perceive time; and create the space to be who you were born to be – present, powerful and purposeful. 

    From never enough time to all the time in the world!
    By Tristan Soames Tuesday 8th May 2018 7:30pm GMT
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