Getting Clear on Core Competencies

Tristan Soames

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Tristan Soames

A while ago I caught myself doing too much of what I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t that good at. Ever experienced that?  I see it all the time in the people I work with – overwhelm, frustration and inertia because people are holding themselves back from their greatness.

Many of us get caught in those patterns and forget that we have natural talents, or core competencies, which when nurtured and developed, release us into our full potential and attract people and opportunities to us.

In this webinar we will be delving into the patterns that hold you back from doing more of what you’re good at and love.  But more importantly, we’ll be helping you to discover and develop your core competencies in ways that enable you to energise your life and vision; than enables you to do more of what you love and less of what holds you back from living your life to the full.

So join me for a deep-dive into your talents and passion where you will discover a sense of purpose and vision beyond the norm. 

Learn to become extraordinary, in and amongst, the mundane and ordinary.  Tap into your natural talents and make the impossible, inevitable!

    Create necessary endings in order to focus on your natural talents and create more joy and freedom in your life
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