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Tristan Soames

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Tuesday 29th May

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Tristan Soames

We know that coaching changes lives. So why is it so difficult for many coaches to create a thriving practice?

The truth is that you can only take people as far as you’ve gone. Being a coach means you must have a level of confidence and have worked through your own ‘stuff’ sufficiently, to be able to help others do that powerfully.

More importantly, there is a key distinction that most coaches don’t know about and that is the difference between coaching and the business of coaching.  When you learn to love the business of coaching (i.e signing up clients) as much as you love coaching itself – your practice will thrive.

So join this webinar if you want to make a powerful shift by stepping into the identity of a truly transformational coach who has both the confidence, strategies and vision for changing the world.

    How to sign up high paying clients using a simple 7 step process
    By Tristan Soames Tuesday 29th May 2018 7:30pm GMT
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