Conversational Belief Change (Sleight of Mouth)

Nishith Shah

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Tuesday 14th May

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Nishith Shah

Have you ever experienced a challenge in changing someone’s beliefs when you are not in a coaching setup or have permission? Just imagine… all that time we spend with people we love and care for – being the skilled coaches that we are and noticing their limiting beliefs – but unable to do anything about it. 

Even in a coaching setup, it can be hard to change deep-rooted beliefs. The natural tendency for people is to hold onto their map of the world even if they recognise it’s limiting for them. Why? Because they are familiar and comfortable things to believe.

But with sleight of mouth patterns, you will learn to create change for people no matter what beliefs they hold, or for how long have they held them. You’ll learn to change any frame and masterfully drive any conversation to create a powerful paradigm shift for others. In the process, you will also create more choice for yourself by increasing flexibility and learning different ways to respond, no matter the situation. Ultimately, you’ll develop much more clarity and influence in the way you communicate.

And just a note of caution. These patterns are one of those ‘dark arts of NLP’ that’s known by only a few people on this planet, but can make a huge difference. So, please join the webinar at your own risk!

    Learn to easily change the beliefs of others in casual conversation
    By Nishith Shah Monday 14th May 2018 1pm GMT
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