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Are you living life to your full potential?

Becoming an NLP Practitioner is much more than simply learning NLP, gaining new skills or becoming a coach – those are a given.

What you’ll experience from joining an outstanding NLP Practitioner programme, is a paradigm shift enabling you to live life to your full potential.

My NLP Practitioner courses are truly life changing and open to all, regardless of prior experience.

People from all walks of life join us – including, but not limited to parents, teachers, small business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders – anybody and everybody who wants more from life.

  • Vicki Tongeman Tristan’s approach to teaching was very practical, hands-on and relaxed, ideal for my non-academic learning style.

    Angela Wells
    Angela Wells
  • Djehan Lauwers

    Tristan is someone who can be fully trusted. He knows the ropes of overcoming obstacles and creating a breath-taking life.

    Djehan Lauwers
    Djehan Lauwers The Worx
  • Charlie Ainslie

    Tristan is the real deal, with a personal sense of commitment to transforming lives that is beautiful and far reaching.

    Charlie Ainslie
    Charlie Ainslie




My NLP Practitioner courses are a journey of discovery. I’ve designed them so that they are full of practice sessions and practical application, that are also great fun.


NLP is a way to live a profound life!

You will come away from your NLP Practitioner training with me having accelerated your ability to create your life in a way that is full of learning, integrity, possibility and choice.

You will discover the essence of excellence in yourself.  Perhaps more importantly, you will be able to do this for others, using the skills and tools you’ve learnt along the way.

So if you have a sense that there is more to you or your life; that you’re ready for a significant change; that you want to have an impact on others or the world – then this NLP Practitioner course is for you.

What’s On Offer?

Who a NLP Practitioner course is for

Imagine being able to support and coach your team, your employees, your manager, your partner or even your kids.

Anyone wanting to create change in themselves or others, will find the difference that makes a difference in creating change on this NLP Practitioner course.

People from all walks of life join my training and Retreats.  We have Coaches, NLP Trainers, entrepreneurs, leaders, parents, project managers and even musicians.  There really are no limits to the people who can benefit.

With the skills and experience gained, you’ll find yourself being increasingly impactful, influential and flexible in your life… and a lot happier too!

You will find yourself supporting others in ways that most people simply can’t. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll discover how to live your life with a sense of passion, purpose and possibility – whether that’s increasing your income, setting up a new business, improving your relationships or simply finding peace of mind.

If this speaks to you in your life today, then contact me to find out more about my NLP Practitioner Courses and Retreats.

NLP Practitioner Training with me

I was the first person to run an NLP Community Practitioner in South Africa.  I have spent years pioneering the use of NLP through Retreats in Ibiza and Goa.  I also run regular courses in the UK, as well as webinars and online coaching programmes.

I do this from a personal perspective so you get the best of both worlds – the latest successful business thinking and the most advanced approaches to personal development.

You can expect to come away from NLP Practitioner training with me having accelerated your ability to succeed in creating a work and home environment that is full of learning, integrity, care for others, quality and success. You will do this in the company of other people who have a passion for making a difference in the world today.

My programmes are not a series of lectures or demonstrations – they are managed experiences, drawing on the specific environment in which the programme takes place; the mix of delegates, current events in the world and the latest discoveries in NLP and coaching.

My NLP Practitioner courses are a journey of discovery. I’ve designed them so that they are full of practice sessions and practical application, that are also great fun.

You can find out more about me and my style by checking out some of the testimonials here.

Global Coaching Community

Imagine continuing to learn the tools and attitudes of excellence from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, long after this course has finished. That is what my Global Coaching Community is all about -­ enabling you to call life and business on your terms.

Unlike traditional or stand-alone NLP Training, you’ll have the opportunity to join a Global Coaching Community and Online School so that your learning does not stop when the course finishes, but rather continues to develop. It is there for you to take as much or as little and you want from it, so that you can continue to learn, grow and flourish if you choose to.

You’ll have access to:

  • The opportunity to join a bespoke Continuity Coaching Programme so that your learning does not stop when the Course finishes, but rather continues to develop.
  • The only Coaching Programme in the world that offers you weekly Coaching, Webinars and Workshops run by a Master Trainer of NLP.
  • Unparalleled support along the way to guarantee your results.
  • The option of having several sessions a month from a variety of experts delivering group workshops, distance learning and 1on1 coaching.

This is what my Continuity Coaching Programme is all about:

  • Welcoming you into a dynamic, loving and supportive coaching community whose express purpose is to help you manifest the vision you have in your heart.
  • Enabling you to call life and business on your terms.
  • Encouraging participation in regular Webinars and Hangouts to discuss your thoughts, views, outcomes and challenges so you can consistently move to the next level
  • Teaching how to harness the power of online platforms like Trello, Google, Hangouts, WhatsApp and more.
  • Supporting you to transform your personal and professional life and to start living a life you love!

You will have support both before, and long after the Retreat, to ensure you are working to your full potential and continuing to see a significant difference in your world.

If you are looking for this unique level of support then contact me now.


On completion of this course, you will qualify as an NLP Practitioner. You can call yourself a certified NLP Practitioner and see paying clients. You can apply for membership with ANLP, the Association for NLP an organisation established since 1985.

ANLP has done a lot of work over recent years to maintain and keep the standards of NLP to a certain level and to promote good practice in NLP. They provide membership and support to certified NLP Practitioners and a huge network of similarly trained people.

What you can expect

Some NLP Trainers focus on the tools and techniques that have been developed from NLP. While these do have their place they are not NLP itself.

During this Retreat you will explore many of the tools and techniques of NLP, but you will also learn how to:

  • Develop the flexibility and resilience to respond resourcefully in your work and personal life
  • Welcome on-going change and learning through giving and receiving of feedback
  • Coach yourself and others to fulfil their true potential
  • Build business and personal relationships that are enriching and successful

You’ll also discover how to:

  • Influence by example, according to your own values
  • Enhance rapport with yourself and others
  • Face challenges while remaining flexible, resourceful and congruent
  • Identify and celebrate your own and others’ unique skills and talents
  • Discover and explore the essence of excellence in yourself and others in ways that support your and their true potential
  • And so much more!

If you want to know more about working with me and what more you can expect, feel free to go here and watch some videos of past attendees.

What is NLP?

There are many different ways to describe NLP – modelling excellence, the ‘difference that makes a difference’ or the study of what works. In essence, learning how to learn… to be human!

One of the technical definitions is that NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

We didn’t come with a user manual but many of us have been ‘programmed’ ineffectively by our families, schools, cultures and so on.

NLP gives us a framework to begin unravelling those patterns that no longer support us in being all we can be. It provides a pathway for personal, professional and even spiritual development, unlike anything else I’ve come across.

Join me on a FREE Hangout to find out more about how NLP Practitioner training can help in transforming your life.



Early Bird Offer £1,500




3rd – 11th January 2019


Early Bird Offer £1,750




2nd – 9th March 2019


Offer £1,500


Cape Town South Africa


March 2019


Early Bird Offer £1,750




1st – 9th June 2019

* Payment by instalments available upon request from as little as £200pcm

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