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NLP Foundation Event – create a life of passion and purpose

Experience the power of NLP

If you know you have greater capacity than you are using… if you have defining moments that have powerfully shaped your life and are ready for a new one… if you want to transform your life or the lives of those around you, then this NLP Foundation Event is for you.

Whether you’re new to NLP or a seasoned veteran, you can expect to dramatically improve your influence, sense of freedom, impact in the world… and much more!

This is a transformational course for anyone seeking change – leaders in the making, transformational coaches, employees and entrepreneurs alike – anyone wanting to make a real difference in the world.


Foundation Weekend

28th – 29th July 2018

Foundation Weekend

11th – 12th August 2018


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Rob Cameron

Image of rob cameron

“I have discovered so much about myself, made many changes, learnt so much and made many wonderful friends.”
Rob Cameron

Tara Howard


“What I learned from Tristan helps me every day with my interaction with others. I better understand myself and those around me.”
Tara Howard

Angela Wells


“Courses are always fun and transformative. No matter the level of NLP experience, there’s learning for everyone.”
Angela Wells
NLP Coach & Trainer

Expect this course to change your thinking & your life

My home and office today is either a beach hut in Goa or a Lighthouse in Ibiza.

I want to share with you how I’ve managed to create a life of freedom – both internal and external.  I want to share how I have chosen to live my life – how I travel the world, run retreats, run a business I love, coaching people around the world and do what I want when I want! And, I want to share how you can too – how you can live a laptop lifestyle and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

I’ve come a long long way from where I started life. My life now is beyond my wildest dreams.  And there’s so much more to come!  I grew up a very confused, angry and scared kid (you can read more about my personal and NLP journey here).

But I’ve turned my life around and I now love helping others do the same. I want to share with you exactly how you can do something unique to you; to make a real difference in this world and set yourself free to live life on your terms.

Yes, this NLP Foundation Event is going to equip you with the tools and strategies you need as a foundation to transform your life and the lives of those around you; but rather than simply providing ‘push strategies’ like many courses, I want to do something fundamentally different. I’m going to to help you to reorganise your thinking and internal world so that you get ‘pulled’ towards your heart’s deepest desires.

Along with a life changing course, you’ll also receive online coaching and follow up support so that you gain the absolute most out of this pivotal event. This will help you sustain and integrate the profound changes you experience on the course.

Read on below to find out more of what you can expect…

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Upfront Payment £97.00Foundation Weekend in Bournemouth28th -29th July 2018BOOK NOW!
Upfront Payment £97.00Foundation Weekend in Bournemouth11th – 12th August 2018BOOK NOW!