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  • Rob Cameron I have discovered so much about myself, made many changes, learnt so much and made many wonderful friends.

    Rob Cameron
    Rob Cameron
  • Tara Howard What I learned from Tristan helps me every day with my interaction with others. I better understand myself and those around me.

    Tara Howard
    Tara Howard
  • Vicki Tongeman Tristan’s approach to teaching was very practical, hands-on and relaxed, ideal for my non-academic learning style.

    Angela Wells
    Angela Wells


“Tristan Soames is a NLP maestro”

A veteran practitioner and enlightening personal development coach. I would highly

recommend partnering with Tristan as your master guide. He shows up every time with

a wonderfully authentic and spiritual energy. I love his group learning work as the sessions

always attract a super friendly and fun audience.

Alex Clapcott
Coach – Consultant

His courses are aimed at all levels
Louise Southam

I’ve worked with Tristan for over a year now, both having him as my coach and also attending his NLP courses. Tristan has a very deep knowledge of NLP and how he uses this with his clients is amazing. Having attended 3 of his NLP courses, I always leave with a deeper knowledge of the NLP tools and how to use them both on myself and with my own clients. His courses are aimed at all levels, whether it’s for personal awareness or to use in your personal or professional life. He makes them engaging and fun and to top it all….he’s a master in his field so you are learning from someone who really knows how to make a difference.

Louise Southam
Transformational Coach

Thank you for the gift you have given us…
Rayne Moses

My first NLP course with Tristan quite simply, and profoundly, changed my life. What I learned shifted the way I listened to people and the world around me. Participating in the Master Practitioner course deepened my experience of NLP as I learned to model others while discovering my own potential and self-imposed limitations. I recommend attending Tristan’s course to anyone that seeks to make an impact in a truly authentic way, in the lives of others, and most importantly, yourself.
Thank you for the gift you have given us all Tristan!

Rayne Moses
Founding Director, Nebula

  • Jenn Russell This Retreat has been life changing, it was so well facilitated and provided a real safe space for open talking, which was just incredible.

    Jenn Russell
    Jenn Russell
  • Charlie Ainslie

    Tristan is the real deal, with a personal sense of commitment to transforming lives that is beautiful and far reaching.

    Charlie Ainslie
    Charlie Ainslie
  • Gemma Clarke Tristan’s Retreats are a space to explore yourself, to make positive changes and to meet incredible people in beautiful surroundings.

    Gemma Clarke
    Gemma Clarke Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
  • Tristan is a model of excellence in every sense.

    Anton-CuylerTristan is a model of excellence in every sense. His heart passion and commitment toward his own personal growth and development is infectious , inspiring and life giving. He has had a profound impact on the culture of our organization by investing in our staff, our leadership and my own journey as a transformational leader. We have been able to develop a culture of honor by changing our language, our thinking and ultimately our behavior. Tristan has had a direct impact in our pursuit of our vision, to see our community transformed through unconditional love.

    Anton Cuyler
    CEO The Sozo Foundation

  • His workshops and training courses are always fun and informative.

    Angela WellsI began working with Tristan in order to discover direction in both my life and work that is meaningful to me to rediscover my sense of self which I felt I’d lost along the way.

    Tristan is masterful at creating a safe space for exploring, learning and sharing both during coaching and his training courses. His generosity, time and skill in helping me shift my perspectives and old ways of thinking far exceeds that of other coaches I’ve used in the past.

    With Tristan’s expert coaching, encouragement and NLP training I learned it’s ok to be me, it’s ok to make mistakes and how to receive feedback gracefully amongst a huge list of other things. I’ve transformed in so many ways there are too many to list. I’m the same and yet different!

    His workshops and training courses are always fun and transformative. No matter the level of NLP experience, there’s learning for everyone.

    This experience of coaching and training was and continues to be transformational for me. As a result I now have direction and purpose in my life and my mojo is back!!

    Angela Wells

    NLP Coach and Trainer

  • The trainer has to walk his talk. Tristan definitely does!

    Djehan LauwersThe trainer has to walk his talk. Tristan definitely does!

    I know Tristan professionally and personally and I was first introduced to his professional work during the Ibiza retreat in 2013.

    At the time I stood on a massive crossroad in my life as I had undergone an accident which resulted in a case of amnesia, trauma and a confusing road to recovery. My mind at the time was in a very fragile state and after tons of coaches and trainers who were glad to “test” their skill on me, Tristan was the first person who managed to get through and trigger that one drop, that one movement, that one memory in my mind that rippled further towards my healing and getting my life back.

    Tristan has the amazing ability to transform his clients in ways that are subtle, effective, profound and with a huge dose of humour and love for life itself! His approach is measurably distinctive as Tristan triggers transformation and growth in ‘real time’: as opposed to motivating the group to “study how to develop”, you grow and learn while going through the day, having a chat with the group, going for a swim, enjoying great food and being part of the way he sees the world.

    Newly acquired insights and skills become part of your repertoire in an organic manner, which makes the growth process Tristan triggers on-going. Thus the value of working with Tristan does not end when working with Tristan ends; investing in yourself by inviting Tristan into your professional and/or personal life is priceless!

    Having worked at a strategic level in coaching and training with global key players for over a decade myself, I believe that any coach or trainer in the field, and especially within an open market in which tons of modalities are offered for growth, healing & development of all sorts, the trainer has to walk his talk. Tristan definitely does!

    Tristan keeps his promises regardless of where he is in the world. When it comes to an international, open-minded lifestyle in which his actions and words help others to be better, in which he is open about his mission to bring love-based attributes into the world and moreover (it doesn’t stop there!), make quality coaching freely accessible to others regardless of credence, income level, background and creed, is yet another example of a man who sees clearly and acts on what he believes in.

    Coaching and training are essentially relationships that promote you to grow and what better relationship to build than with someone who can be fully trusted and knows the ropes of change, overcoming obstacles and creating a breath-taking life as envisioned first hand.

    Last but not least, Tristan is a huge animal friend and has a dashing accent which is always a pleasure to listen to!

    Djehan Lauwers
    Founder TheWorx


  • If you are looking to study NLP and want a magical experience I'd recommend you put this at the top of your list.

    Rob-CameronI first talked to Tristan in April 2013 having been introduced by a mutual acquaintance, what struck me about Tristan immediately was his openness, integrity and depth. At the time I had doing an NLP practitioner course on my list of things to do in the future, but having spoken to Tristan, I opted to join the multi-level programme that he was running in Bournemouth starting in May 2013.

    Fast forward 3 years and I believe that that was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have discovered so much about myself, made many changes, learnt so much & made many wonderful friends in that time. As well as progressing through practitioner, master practitioner and trainer. Tristan has been instrumental in this; his ability to work real-time with what is current for the group, work with structure, be vulnerable and open & share his tremendous NLP knowledge are all part of this fantastic experience.

    I joined Tristan and his co-trainer Nishith in Goa in January 2015. The combination of the natural beauty & energy of Goa, the mix of western & eastern cultures in the group and the fantastic facilitation by Tristan & Nishith made for a brilliant programme. If you are looking to study NLP and want a magical experience I’d recommend you put this on top of your list.

    If you are thinking about learning NLP, I have no hesitation in recommending Tristan.
    Rob Cameron
    Ignition Coaching


  • Tristan helped me realise what was important to me.

    Tara HowardWhen I was first introduced to Tristian’s course I was in a difficult place with regard to my career. Tristan helped me realise what was important to me. His help helped me give myself permission to move forward and pursue my dreams rather than continue to attempt to fulfill someone else’s.

    I am convinced that without his help I would not be where I am today – making a positive difference to not only my own life, but other’s as well. What I learned from Tristan helps me every day with my interaction with others because I better understand myself as well as those around me.

    I will continue to use the skills I have learned throughout my life not only for my career, but for my personal and family life as well.

    Tara Howard
    Founder: Venus Awards

  • Tristan's approach to teaching was very practical, hands-on and relaxed.

    Vicki-TongemanAs a Wife, Mum, the Founder of a small not-for-profit and serving on the Board of two other non-profit organisations, I felt stuck in a place of lack. I didn’t realise that I was serving others but not myself, and feeling drained and overwhelmed by the responsibilities around me. Then I met Tristan.

    When we first met up Tristan helped me to discover for myself what I needed to do to move forward in my purpose, what to prioritise, and how to have an “embodied knowing” that the resources I needed would come to me once I had identified them clearly. In this one session I felt so safe to express my own metaphors for my feelings and beliefs without feeling silly or judged, and gained insights into what my long term purpose would be (helping people to connect to their higher selves). As a result of this session I was able to identify suitable Trustees, the resources for a web site, a business partner and further funding for my work at that time. Tristan also fed back to me my special gift, which is using metaphor to heal.

    As Founder and Trainer for “Life And Money Skills” helping parents and individuals find the motivation to increase their financial and personal wellbeing, I had witnessed the surprising effectiveness of my own fun, colourful life changing techniques I had intuitively created, but I didn’t know why they worked. I wanted a more scientific answer, both for me and potential funders, so I chose to attend Tristan’s NLP Practitioner course.

    Tristan’s approach to teaching was very practical, hands-on and relaxed, ideal for my non-academic learning style .With appropriate support, we co-learners found ourselves coaching one another straight away, beginning to let go of issues that may have been with us for a lifetime, and to manifest what we really desired for ourselves. We also witnessed amazing breakthroughs for delegates as Tristan demonstrated the power of NLP to heal real deep seated challenges. The calibre of my co-learners was outstanding – just amazing, caring, loving people who all wanted to make the world a better place and were willing to work on themselves in order to do so. Through Tristan’s facilitation, we soon became close friends and supporters of one another. My fellow learners became teachers too as I mixed with, modelled, coached and learned more about these beautiful people – their beliefs, the way they cared for themselves as well as others, and how some of them had learned to remain so calm, peaceful and non-judgemental during challenging times. I also discovered a lot about myself through the process and through their feedback.

    I realised that I could use these techniques to serve my organisation’s clients and wanted to pass these skills onto my co-trainers, so I continued with the Master Practitioner and the “Train the Trainer” courses. This enabled me to absorb even more knowledge and skills and practise what I already knew. At the same time I began to practise on friends, family and colleagues to help them remove blocks and move towards what they really wanted. Using NLP to further empower my own techniques, it seemed like I was helping them to create magic in their lives. Home improvements, house moving, and improved relationships both at home and at work were just some of the outcomes that people manifested, when before each individual’s coaching session there was just a sense of hopelessness. I was particularly delighted to be able to coach my son to become confident in public speaking and my sister to attract clients for her new “virtual business support” service, an enterprise she began following recovery from a long term illness.

    For myself, I am learning to accept who I am while supporting myself to become even better, to feel abundant every day and to feel calm on a daily basis. My confidence and openness to new ideas has increased, and helped me to be open to the many “teachers” and “guides” who have come into my life to help me on my journey.I realise my skills are valuable and commercial and can spread beyond my charitable activities.I am delighted I am able to train others to use these amazing skills both on themselves and to support others, and am open to the right opportunity to do begin this work.
    In order to share some of the NLP skills I have learned in an accessible format, I have created a metaphorical story about a young dolphin who learns to support and love herself and by doing so changes the world around her for the better. This is an easy to use tool for parents to help their children love and support themselves, and create resilience in the face of challenges and difficulties both in childhood and in adult life. You can download “Daphne and the Smiley Shells” from Amazon or ITunes as a narrated short story, and I intend to turn it into a Course and a small book for children and adults to keep as a reminder of how to support themselves .

    I am so grateful to Tristan, Victoria, his “Client Happiness Manager” and all the wonderful people I met during my learning with all that I have gained from them. I look forward to continuing my life-long learning using NLP and sharing it with others through training, coaching, metaphor and storytelling!

    Vicki Tongeman
    Founder of “Life And Money Skills” and Author of “Daphne and the Smiley Shells”

  • I really appreciated the trusted space Tristan gave me.

    Neil-FortuinTristan facilitated a tipping point for me, with influential feedback regarding ownership and being a coach. I took on Tristan’s feedback and have lived it out since. I’ve started setting up small groups to implement NLP techniques to people help themselves through language.

    The Trainer Training course provided a real breakthrough for me; Tristan gave me the opportunity to express my unique self and style within the NLP framework and still make a difference in someone else’s life. I really appreciated the trusted space Tristan gave me.

    Neil Fortuin

  • Tristan is a master of NLP and working in real time.

    Franziska PretzchBefore I met Tristan, I always knew that there must be something more to life. But I was stuck in the wheel of working 9-5, not being satisfied with what I was doing, but also not working how to get out and do something I truly love. Tristan instantly connected to me and my soul’s purpose. He saw my potential and consistently encouraged me to go deeper, to ask questions, not to settle for good enough. It was exactly what I needed at that time so he was a blessing at the right time. When I came to his retreat in Ibiza, I was in the right space to make change happen. During the retreat Tristan very skilfully brought the group together and provided the space for our individual journey and transformation. We laughed, we shared tears, we went deep together and explored our life’s journey.

    Tristan is a master of NLP and working in real time. This means that he picks up whatever is needed for an individual or group at any given moment. This allows him to pick up exactly what is needed in each and every moment, and this enables an amazing process for the group. The whole retreat was a time of joy and fun, learning and growing, in beautiful surroundings, with likeminded people, in nature, sharing ourselves and moving together. At the end we had all transformed our beliefs about ourselves and our visions for ourselves and it meant that we all moved forward towards what we wanted to do in life. It certainly was the beginning of my own deep journey back to myself.

    I would recommend Tristan’s retreats to anyone who wants a space for growth and deeper learning, and who wants a trainer and coach who is able to skilfully and from the heart guiding people in their own direction.

    Franziska Pretsch

  • I've got the power.

    Justin-Shill“I’ve got the power”
    Since I was introduced to Tristan and NLP, I have learnt that we all have the power. The power to make our lives so much better. Better in any way you can imagine. Better in any way you wish.

    Looking back at myself when my training began, I was someone with little confidence, I was unhappy in certain areas of my life and financially struggling also. It was suggested that I have a monthly one-on-one session and free webinars to attend, which would enable me to start practicing NLP. The knowledge I gained in a short amount of time was incredible. It opened doors to understanding the basic issues and started solving them instantly. In actual fact I started solving them myself instantly.

    That’s how I now perceive practicing NLP. Self solving. Therefore anyone can do it, but to do that you need the knowledge, and that is passed on with enthusiasm and kindness by Tristan.

    Later I was fortunate enough to go to a retreat in Ibiza with Tristan and 10 others. All the practitioners ranged in skill level, but that didn’t matter at all. The more advanced were happy to share their knowledge with the recent recruits (like myself). This meant having 11 ‘Tristans’ helping train myself.

    I quickly went to a higher level and that was mind blowing. The power to help others, to go into deep structure and problem solve, using clean questions, listening to language and watching physical reactions was beautiful. It filled me with such happiness…

    Now the future is firmly in my hands. Life is one powerful journey.

    Justin Shill
    Freelance Designer

  • Living the life I wanted for myself.

    Laetitia MandelTransformation is an ongoing journey, yes, though sometimes we can accelerate the process. The discovery of NLP has been a profound awakening for me which started 4 years ago. But it is only a little over a year and a half year that I made the decision to really change my life and design it towards my dreams. Although I was progressing on my own; I needed the support of someone on my journey. That’s when I contacted Tristan. I followed my instincts to work with him as I felt trust and he had designed for himself the kind of life I was dreaming of.

    For about 10 months we focused the coaching on me, my patterns, my filters, my imprinted conditioning that had built up a growing incongruent state within me. Being familiar with the basics of NLP, this inner work re-connected me with what I believe is part of the most powerful tools for us humans to change and grow towards who we want and are meant to be. At the same time, I was going through another business partnership failure which, yes, allowed me to learn and grow so much…but left me burned out physically and took another layer of my trust and faith in people. And this is when I decided to listen to my body and my mind, took time off to rest, think and feel what the next steps were for me. It took about 5000 km of driving through France, mainly on my own, to re-discover the pleasure of traveling… And when I got back home, it clicked. There is a reason why I wanted to be a coach 4 years ago… I am by nature a supporter, a listener and an influencer. I still want to help people the same way Tristan helped me to transform and grow. So using one of the foundation techniques of NLP called modelling, I decided to model and follow Tristan on a journey across continents to deepen my NLP skills and become an NLP coach for real… Combining learning, work, travel and pleasure is possible.

    Since October 2014, I have been to Ibiza, South Africa and India and did 4 intensive NLP courses. I got so much more than what I had dreamed off. Tristan is the most gentle, talented, present, real time, empathic, connected coach and facilitator. His level of NLP skills is world-class and he is a natural at seeing people for who they are. He is allowing them to be and grow at their own pace and skilfully always challenges them to go to the next level. In his courses and retreats, he creates a safe environment where impressive and lasting transformations happens. Each individual I met during these 4 courses were deeply transformed and took a big step closer to who they really are, want, and do. And what a bunch of remarkable people!!! So for me, to do so in other continents and cultures is such a gift. There is so much to learn and share about each other’s world that it creates rich, full and magic experiences. I have learned so much about myself, others and the structure of it all that I feel very empowered to contribute and make a difference in the world now. We all can and are… and it starts by living the life that you really want for yourself.

    I feel so lucky and privileged to collaborate with someone who is such a precious talented and gifted person and who shares it and pass it on, so thank you Tristan. I am now me! …and an NLP coach & facilitator with clients and more… And I am still in India enjoying my winter in the sun, working while looking at the sea…

    It was my dream to travel the world when I was 19 years old… So as Audrey Hepburn said: “Nothing is impossible, the world itself says I’m possible”…

    Laetitia Mandel
    Manifest and Create

  • Tristan consistently trains at a very high standard.

    Charles-AinsleeI met Tristan in India, and the glint in his eye and calm compassion I experienced during a short exercise, left a deep impression on me. This was the motivation to begin a wonderful journey years later, by inviting Tristan to lead a Practitioner course in South Africa. Since then it’s been my privilege to have participated and assisted him on many courses. I have seen first hand how Tristan consistently trains at a very high standard, sensitively touching and changing the lives of many of our delegates. Tristan is the real deal – he is authentic, applies the same principles of learning to himself as he does to delegates, and has a mastery that is impressive, purpose driven, always seeing the vast potential in others and drawing this out, and with a personal sense of commitment to transforming lives that is beautiful and far reaching.

    Charles Ainslee
    Director, Board Administrator, The Learning Trust

  • Tristan is a skilled and sensitive coach and trainer.

    Tristan is a skilled and sensitive coach and trainer, whether in an individual coaching session or in group training situations. He is highly tuned to his clients and gives so much. He his not afraid to be vulnerable which creates a unique atmosphere in a group, ensuring a safe space where people are able to explore and make important changes for themselves on a deep level. He is knowledgeable, intuitive and connects deeply with his clients, making coaching sessions interesting and revealing and empowering. His retreats are a space to explore yourself, to make positive changes and also to meet incredible like-minded people in beautiful warm surroundings.

    Gemma Clarke
    Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

  • What an amazing, incredible and transformative experience!

    My-LyTristan is an outstanding, insightful yet sensitive NLP coach who can cut through your anxieties, hesitation and questions to empower you to achieve your dreams. In an extremely supportive environment, his course enables you to have the time to reflect on your core values, and what’s ultimately important to you. He provides you with the tools to shift from your current position to your desired goals. Understanding the fundamentals of different NLP techniques that can be applied in everyday life, you gain a brand new perspective as well as new friends.
    Attendees are carefully selected for the course with different levels of NLP experience so everyone learns from each other. Each person’s experience on the course is completely different, and to be part of their transformative journey is extremely special.

    A huge thank you to Tristan (and Tor) for encouraging us all to be game changers, and to fulfil our real potential – it’s been truly inspiring.

    My Ly
    Senior Marketing Manager at Yo Sushi
    Co Author – Chocolate & Diamonds



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