NLP Retreat in Ibiza


NLP in Ibiza
Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Watch Marion’s story and experience last year’s Ibiza NLP Retreat

An Immersive 9 Day NLP Retreat

Join me for an enriching and empowering 9 day NLP Retreat set in the Ibiza countryside – giving you the time, skills and environment to transform from the inside out.

This retreat holds something for everyone.  Whether you’re new to NLP, a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer you will take your NLP practice, certification and life to the next level.

Unleash your true potential through exploring the deep structure of language and human experience in emergent, generative and dynamic ways.  This NLP Retreat in Ibiza is a truly magical and empowering experience.

Retreat Dates:

Autumn 2018

      29th Sept – 7th Oct 2018

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Djehan Lauwers

djehan testimonial

“Grow and learn while going through the day, chatting with the group, swimming, enjoying great food and being part of the way Tristan sees the world!”
Djehan Lauwers
The Worx

Franziska Pretsch

A picture of Franziska in the sun

“During the Retreat Tristan very skilfully brought the group together and provided the space for our individual journey and transformation.”
Franziska Pretsch

Justin Shill

Justin Shill

“I was fortunate to go on the Ibiza Retreat. All the practitioners ranged in skill level and I quickly went to a higher level which was mind blowing.”
Justin Shill

Ibiza is the perfect place to experience all that life has to offer

Ibiza is my home; a very special place close to my heart.  In summer, there’s a wonderful, creative and palpable energy on the island.  So what better place to explore and develop your knowledge of NLP and change your life.

Below you’ll find details of what you can expect from the Retreat and working with me, along with what’s included.  You will be looked after from before you arrive, until long after you have left the island.  I do hope you can join us.

Book A Place

Early Bird £1,750*
(normally £2,000)
Ibiza29th Sept -7th Oct 2018

Payment by instalments available upon request from as little as £300pcm

*Early bird pricing ends 31st July, 2018.