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Imagine learning the tools and attitudes of excellence from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. That is precisely how my NLP coaching programmes are designed -­ to enable you to call life and business on your terms.

In other words, the Spotlight System and Global Coaching Network which you will become a part of, are designed to enable you to live and work whenever and wherever you want; to help you create personal freedom at the same time as making a demonstrable difference in the world.

You can expect to succeed in creating your personal and professional life in a way that is full of learning, integrity, excitement and possibility.

  • Djehan Lauwers

    Grow and learn while going through the day, chatting with the group, swimming, enjoying great food and being part of the way Tristan sees the world!

    Djehan Lauwers The Worx
  • Franziska Pretsch During the Retreat Tristan very skilfully brought the group together and provided the space for our individual journey and transformation.

    Franziska Pretsch
  • Justin Shill I was fortunate to go on the Ibiza Retreat. All the practitioners ranged in skill level and I quickly went to a higher level which was mind blowing.

    Justin Shill


You’ll be taken care of from before the moment you arrive until long after you have left the Island.  You will get unparalleled personal coaching and group support and a rich variety of interactions in a group that will be a maximum of just 8 people.

what’s else is included in this life changing Retreat, take a look below

Expect To:

  • Discover how to solve ANY problem in 28 words!
  • Call life and business on your terms
  • Receive a free and in depth transformational coaching session
  • Have access to a Global Coaching Network to support the vision in your heart
  • Receive special offers for NLP Coaching, Courses and Retreats around the world
  • Be living and working where you want, when you want, how you want and with whom you want!

You will become part of a dynamic, loving and supportive Global Coaching Community.  As part of a much larger system, with my NLP Coaching you are also going to discover how to master:

  • Solving ANY problem in 28 words!
  • Calling life and business on your terms
  • A simple 4 step model will help you create high paying clients effortlessly
  • Living and working where you want, when you want, how you want and with whom you want!
  • Setting up your own profitable Retreats, NLP Coaching or NLP Training around the world
Coaching with Tristan

I was the first Master Trainer of NLP in the UK (maybe the world) to offer weekly NLP coaching, webinars and 1on1 sessions alongside live events. I have spent years pioneering the use of NLP both in business and online.

My NLP coaching programmes are designed to offer you different levels of immersion -­ Basic, MasterMind and Inner Circle -­ as a way of learning that enables you to rapidly accelerate your personal and business success at your own pace.

If you want to know more about working with me and what you can expect from NLP coaching, go here to watch some video testimonials.

Unlocking the answers within yourself

My aim is to be flexible in the way that I deliver NLP coaching so that you can truly be yourself as you develop your ability to realise your full potential in all areas of your life.   I start with the presupposition that people learn best from their own experience and can access all the resources and answers within themselves.

That said there is great benefit by learning from others who have ‘trodden the path’ before and also from modelling the excellence of others.  Most people want to learn and achieve their goals quickly. So on that level, there is a “framework” — but there are no scripts.

You will be unlocking the answers within yourself at the same time as you model the essence of excellence in others.

So much more than NLP coaching

You’ll have access to the only NLP Coaching Programme in the world that offers you weekly NLP Coaching, Webinars and Workshops run by a Master Trainer of NLP and guarantees results.

With my NLP Coaching, you learn consistently by doing real-time’.  And with access to several sessions a month from a variety of experts delivering group workshops, distance learning and 1on1 coaching, you have unparalleled support along the way to guarantee your results.

What you can expect

Some NLP Trainers focus on the tools and techniques that have been developed from NLP. While these do have their place they are not NLP itself.

During this Retreat you will explore many of the tools and techniques of NLP, but you will also learn how to:

  • Develop the flexibility and resilience to respond resourcefully in your work and personal life
  • Welcome on-going change and learning through giving and receiving of feedback
  • Coach yourself and others to fulfil their true potential
  • Build business and personal relationships that are enriching and successful

You’ll also discover how to:

  • Influence by example, according to your own values
  • Enhance rapport with yourself and others
  • Face challenges while remaining flexible, resourceful and congruent
  • Identify and celebrate your own and others’ unique skills and talents
  • Discover and explore the essence of excellence in yourself and others in ways that support your and their true potential
  • And so much more!

If you want to know more about working with me and what more you can expect, feel free to go here and watch some videos of past attendees.

So, if you are you ready to awaken and to discover how to access your full potential simply complete the NLP Coaching  questionnaire below in order to receive your FREE Powerful Coaching Conversation. I will be in touch with you personally within the next 24 hours.

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