Touchdown in Africa!

Summer for me in Ibiza has come to an end in the most remarkable of ways - with my own retreat which was outstanding and absolutely the next level for us all - followed almost immediately [...]

South Africa, Book Recommendations and Ibiza

South Africa has always touched my heart. It’s a place of deep contrast, breath-taking beauty and profound challenge. And yet, precisely because of that challenge, there’s a spirit of generosity, [...]

Creating Waves

I ran a Retreat out here in Goa last month and started by sharing that "crisis = breakthrough".  I had just been through a personal crisis which manifested itself physically, with a cricked neck [...]

Amazing content for your mind!

"You have the beach, you have the sun and you have amazing content for your mind - Thank you Tristan for this opportunity"

Problem = Opportunity = Growth

Every time I land in Goa to run an NLP retreat, I’m hit with a wave of colour, heat and breathtaking natural beauty – the jungle, the beaches and wildlife – I love it! This time [...]

Magical India – The Art Of Happiness

I’ve just ambled lazily back across the pristine white sand of a deserted beach in Cherai having been swimming alone in the Arabian sea – a beautiful luke warm bath with surfable waves apparently [...]