No More New Years Resolutions – Create Lasting Change in 2019

Well we're here again, the leaves have finally succumbed to the changing of the seasons and we're approaching the New Year, and a time when many people start thinking about goals or intentions [...]

Touchdown in Africa!

Summer for me in Ibiza has come to an end in the most remarkable of ways - with my own retreat which was outstanding and absolutely the next level for us all - followed almost immediately [...]

We Swim In Language As Fish Do In Water

We swim in language, as fish do in water. We are surrounded by language in every aspect of our lives and yet, we are for the large part, unconscious of how it affects us. 

Do You Ever Struggle To Retain What You Learn?

I received this question the other day.  I thought it was such a great one, and I enjoyed responding to it so much, that I thought I'd share with you here..

"When I read I struggle to obtain and [...]

South Africa, Book Recommendations and Ibiza

South Africa has always touched my heart. It’s a place of deep contrast, breath-taking beauty and profound challenge. And yet, precisely because of that challenge, there’s a spirit of generosity, [...]

Creating Waves

I ran a Retreat out here in Goa last month and started by sharing that "crisis = breakthrough".  I had just been through a personal crisis which manifested itself physically, with a cricked neck [...]

Love, Life An Learning

I'm off to spend a week or so with my dear friends Lesley McDonald and Sue Knight.  Sue has been my NLP mentor for many years, and it's a very unexpected but delightful gift for me to be back [...]

The future is an epic adventure

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Helen Keller Again, I've got so much to update you on in this newsletter. But how does one get to the essence, when there is so much content to [...]

Every silver lining has a bloody great cloud

There’s so much to share since my last update… where to start?! I had an outpouring of love and support from my last newsletter which triggered a couple of responses. First, a big [...]